Saturday, February 19, 2011


I wanna hear you shout when I scream at you
Leave me alone when I'm angry
Hurt me when I've thrown sharp words at you
Stop caressing my limbs when I'm stressed
Let me drink so I don't remember what has happened
Make me smoke for I've been smoking a long time before I met you

Make me do the works you do
Expect not any meals from me for I'll never cook
Don't give me tips on how I should dress up
Stop buying me fairness creams for I'm contented with my dark skin
Never drop and pick me up every time
Listen to me and don't you dare underestimate my point of view

I shall love your family like my own
And I demand you do the same too
Look not into my history nor my family's for people can change
And if you do so, keep it to yourself and don't ever raise a topic on it
Have a heart that's wide as the ocean - to forgive and forget
For I've unwillingly done enough mistakes that i'm bound to take to my dying bed

I have loved you like I've loved anyone else
For I've given you enough and this isn't too much to ask from you
These are the lists of what I expect from you
But I'm well aware of the fact, this fact that
It will never be fulfilled
Since I've been dreaming a dream


  1. The most honest poetry I've read in months. It's beautiful.

  2. Min lo follow ve la.. kei pawn ka follow che
    Ka lo post ve zeuh2 ang a thlarau thawh changin..
    I made one post last night after I read your blog

  3. Aw mah Gawd!!! Jess.. Wow!! This is so "you" and it is awesome.. :)

  4. it's indeed honest & there is alot of anger and demands... i agree its a spectacularly beautiful poem, and i admire your honesty and humbleness!
    long live jeje

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