Monday, April 19, 2010


They were a group of girls who were once batch mates in University of Hyderabad. Each girl has a different personality with a different thought, likes, taste and so on. Well, let me introduce you to each of the girls.

ZOR-I : was obsessed with her butt and pimples. She's tall, sexy and shakes her body well than the rest of the girls. Good in looks and smart in personality, everyone looked up to her as an elder sister.

GKHIANGTE : She lives in her own world and even laughs alone inside the room. Good in using her brains,she always excel in her studies. She is fond of discussions and always take part in it whenever she gets the chance.

DIDINTEI: beautiful in looks and in manner, she is well known inside the campus. She makes new friends easily due to her warm nature and of course, her looks. Also hardworking and sincere in everything she does.

MIMI: named as Sakeii by her roommate who is also a BEAR. She is cute and gets emotional at times and puts a smile on everyone's face when she cries. She is also well known amongst the Mizos for the many accidents that she had met. She is one who has the capacity of maintaining a STRICT timetable.

CHING: She has the heaviest weight amongst the girls(in her dreams). Sweet, fun loving, she always find the time to adjust herself into any occasion. She is a good footballer who always carry a small container with something inside to feed her jaw :)

BABIE: known as the great BIG BEAR who has the worst mood swings ever. She has a good voice and sings really well. She is also intelligent and writes very well. She has the heaviest laughter which makes others laugh too. Her favorite words are "CHHI CHHI" and "STRIK".

HRUAIZ: The one with a serious look on her face who is sincere and very hard working. She thinks and talks like an Old man with great wisdom. She maintain things really well, from her laptop,books,shelves to studies . Even our great Gkhiangte wrote on her testimonial in ORKUT "...This girl is the most organized freak that I had ever met....".

JESSIE: To be continued...


  1. well written my dear jess:)
    lunglenthlak hle mai
    mahse nangmah hi inziak tel ve lo va kim lo:)
    ching khi kan nui nasa top..hehe
    keimah eroh khi chu ka den hmel top...haha..ka phulo:) thanks

  2. LOL...ka ziak UN top che a...hahaha...keichu inziak thei ka ni hleinem...dunno much abt myself...

  3. Hruaii "thinks and talks like an old man" tih khi mittui la phungin ka nui chu le! :-D

    Jessie - My classmate for 2 years, beautiful inside out but she smokes like a chimney, i hope she's quit this chhi2 habit. Except for the morning moods, she is one of the kindest and gentlest people i know and also VERY VERY impatient! I admire her for her perseverance, her strength and her dedication. Fun to hangout with i miss her dearly, esp our preaching sessions at night in the hostel wearing our high heels...akekeke... Cheers to our friendship Jess, Thank God for a friend like you!! :) (Sap tawngin ka'n tlak ta duah a...hihihiiii)

  4. thanx alot babie...mahse sermon tih vel kha chu soi toh teh suh...ropui lo em mai...thlarau bo 1 pawh kan man loh kha :P

  5. thlarau bo te chu man vetho e kan thrahnemngaih na deptt a te chuan. For ex - Mimi "Sakei" :-D

  6. You and your ex-roomie are very CHHI CHHI...