Monday, April 19, 2010


The family was stable
Economically, mentally and emotionally,
Yet they failed to THANK him
They mistakenly forgot to appreciate the works he had done for them
For they thought that was the way things were meant to be
Everyone loved each other like all other families

One fateful day he left them for his heavenly abode
The mother wailed over his body
The children wept over their great loss
They realized their follies and called out his name
But he was far far away to hear their cries
With a big remorse, they think back about the days when he was alive


  1. we always take things for granted and mis-seen to appreciate the value of such things but when we realize it, we are already late. we don't really know what we've got 'til it's gone....

  2. still hard n wil alwas be hard...but broken hearts n hurting are all that makes us human...

  3. mihring kan nih chhung hi chuan i guess we don't know what we have until its gone or too late...ka hrethiam che thriannu mhse as we always say, "life goes on...." stay strong. God bless you and your family.